Friday, March 28, 2008

Bryce's Clear Album

Okay, I need some help on this one...I can't think of a journaling theme for it!!! Please help ladies!

Envelope Album

This envelope album was created with a button-string envelope. It's journaling is based on "The Incomplete Manifesto".

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

***Zsiage Tabbed Album ***

This is my newest mini is the Zsiage tabbed chipboard album. I love it! Anyway, my mom bought me this book at a Walgreen's and I immediately ripped it to shreds to get the photos out of it.

This one CRACKS ME UP!!!

Caption on the left says, "It's important to notice the little things in life:" And Suzane's prize-winning melons? Turns out they're fake". The caption on the right says, " True friends won't let you settle:" "Remember the rules; If it's smaller than six inches throw it back".

Left: "Hell hath no fury like a woman that doesn't like your tone of voice:" "Please hold while I ignore you"
Right: "He asked for a warm-up, so I said, Sure, and then would you like some more coffee?"

Left: Sometimes the line between high fashion and "what the hell happened can get a little blurry"
Right: In every group, there's always a fun one...."So, I said, Stitch and bitch, my ass. We're going clubbing."

Left: God gave it, but you gotta shake it. ((LMAO))
Right: Barb and Mildred just remembered that they left their husbands at the concession stand.

Left: Gossip at the Garden Club...."We've got your two pairs right here boys"
Right: (on transparency) Humor and friendship- the keys to a working woman's survival.

Picture of LL...."Friends don't let you sweat the small stuff"

Right: And that was the last time the hospital served cafeteria served tofu "meatballs"

Side view:

Gatefold Album

This is a gatefold album I am working on....kinda like an art notebook. Instead of scrapping inside it, I am going to add photographs of my paintings and scans of my sketches, drawings, etc.

The class and how-to's to make this album will be taught in an online class at Just Let Me Scrapbook....we are working out the details now.

Monday, March 3, 2008


This is the cover of my new album....I made it out of an old cardboard box that Mark brought me from work. This is what I will be teaching at Just Let Me Scrapbook in GA, along with a gate fold mini album class. This album was inspired by the AMAZING genius, Kristina Contes....I love her work and she has turned me into a mini album ADDICT:

This is the detail of the front of the album. The orange squares of the transparency don't show up that well.

This is page one and two....the transparency in between looks so much better IRL:

Here is page 2:

Page 3 and 4:

Page 5 and 6:

Page 6 and 7. I seperated the pages with a little button string envelope:

This is page 7:

Page 8 and 9:

Page 9 and 10:

This is a detail shot of the transparency:

Page 11 and 12:

Page 13 and 14:

Page 15 and 16:

Page 17 and 18:

A few shots of the side:

And the back cover: